Service Areas


Adding space—greenfield, brownfield or something in between—requires bringing multiple resources and sub-projects together. I have the experience and track record to help your next project be a resounding success.

System Integrations

Whether through traditional EDI, XML, JSON, etc., connecting systems is a tedious but worthwhile endeavor. I excel at tackling the minutiae of complex system integrations and producing systems that do the things your team hoped they would.

Initial/Ongoing Configuration

I started in Operations and know what it feels like to have a project with which you know you will have to wrestle the system to get done. I have not forgotten those rotten experiences (or the late nights and weekends in the warehouse!) and work on behalf of Operations to overcome system limitations through configuration changes or modifications.


I have been the guy to fix broken things for YEARS, and if we’re honest, it sucks, no matter the cause, so I prefer to fix things in test well before they break in production. To that end, you can count on me to perform right-sized testing using thorough, well-conceived test plans to mitigate risk palatable.

Custom Reporting/Documents

Ninja in all things reporting and document design. Free-form (one-off custom) or form-specific design. Custom SQL wizard.


At one point early in my career, I considered teaching because I like helping people move forward in what they know and can do. I never put too much into that because I knew it was not where my true passion is, but I still like teaching people and do a good job at it. I am patient and understanding, and I make it fun. Oftentimes, I keep score of silly things on the whiteboard, and I let people know I cheat to “win.”

Project Management

Depending on the scale of a project, an experienced PM can prove invaluable. One who knows the 3PL/distribution industry—doubly so. Check and check.


Whether connected to a WMS or an ERP, accurate TMS operations require accurate data, solid business rules and testing. My breadth of experience managing data and business rules helps me implement TM systems successfully.


The beautiful thing about parcel (UPS/FedEx/other) is you can automate so much of the process. With the right data feed and/or MHE automation, much of the work that goes into processing parcel packages can be made automatic. Like TM systems, there are numerous moving pieces to manage and keep track of, and the truth is, these projects are one of my favorite types. I love it when you drop an order into one end of a system and a package comes comes out the other side with a properly formatted and routed label. Magic!


* Depending on individual experiences, process can be a dirty word or a saving grace. I lean more towards saving grace, but the beauty of my approach to the Software Development Life Cycle and Change Management is scalability. A minor change with minimal risk should not be burdened by heavy-handed process. A large change with high risk should. On my own, I operate using a sliding scale between those two end points. When working with clients, I adopt their approaches, or in their absence, provide an appropriate level of guidance for the processes.