What is your value proposition?

Twenty years of experience across multiple verticals and WM systems, a reasonable rate and a genuine willingness to help.

What is your relationship with HighJump?

I use HJ products, attend Elevate and enjoy working with their 3PL team, but I am not an employee or any kind of preferred partner. They do what they do, I do what I do and we routinely cross paths in our collective efforts to help 3PL customers stay happy and profitable.

How do you feel about traveling to client sites, third-party sites on behalf of clients, etc.?

Clients can count on me to be physically where they need me, when they need me, personal obligations and emergencies notwithstanding. Having said that, travel is expensive and technology has come so far, it can bridge the gap in nearly all situations. I think minimizing travel maximizes solutions, but ultimately, traveling is a client requirement, not my own, so I would approach it as such.

What are your thoughts on testing and test environments?

Testing is first and foremost about managing risk, and in an ideal world, there would be time, money and energy for executing brilliant test plans in separate environments to keep things nice and neat. Test environments are a means to an end, safe spaces where the finite details of a solution can come together without affecting Production. If a client has one, I will absolutely be there, vetting my work. If not, I will be in whatever space is provisioned for testing. Together, clients and I will come up with appropriate processes for managing risks, regardless of what test spaces may or may not be available.

Turkey bacon?

Thank you, but no thank you.