I have worked in the Distribution & Supply Chain industry for 18 years, first in Operations, and then IT, where I have been since 2008. During that time, I have worked on projects ranging from warehouse startups and customer onboarding to CI configuration changes/modifications, shipping software management and custom document, form and report development.

On the startup side, I managed a 612k SF CPG warehouse startup outside Memphis, TN, where my responsibilities included solution design, process configuration and testing, EDI integration, Go-live support and project management. I have also worked on numerous customer onboardings, covering various CPG, HTE and plastic clients, one of which was a manufacturer VMI program.

EDI integrations represent ERP <-> WMS and WMS to parcel and TM systems. I have managed numerous continuous improvement initiatives for various inbound and outbound processes. These involved hundreds of change requests, ranging from minor configuration changes to major modifications. I was instrumental in the deployment of a TM system for a national consumer electronics company, overseeing the configuration and testing of a dozen LTL carrier tariffs and roughly 100 unique freight routing rules. I was the internal product manager for multiple parcel management systems (UPS/FedEx), leveraging one system not only to handle parcel manifesting, but also to fill in the gaps for an outdated WM system. Highlights include modifying the core system to print the correct packing slip automatically from 50+ options, validation of product SN scans (dramatically increasing serial number capture accuracy) and batch processing of orders (highest single run: ~7000 distinct orders).

Last but not least, I have developed hundreds of custom reports for inventory, inbound, outbound, billing, etc., as well as dozens of custom documents for inbound and outbound processing. Many of these have been free-form, with clients requesting a document without specifying the format, while others targeted designs specified by customer requirements (HSN, etc.).


Inbounds, Outbounds, Relocations, Adjustments, Documents & Reporting? Yes, please!

Project Management

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